Wire Rope Cold-Socketing Compound (WIRELOCK®)

WIRELOCK® is a Polyester-based Resin Compound developed for socketing wire-ropes. This unique product unlocks a number of benefits for its users.

Sockets prepared with WIRELOCK® can be put to use within 90 minutes of preparation thus, significantly reducing down-time. The sockets formed using this compound are extremely durable and have been known to outlast the wire-rope’s usable life. The process of applying WIRELOCK® releases almost no heat, making it safe for use in hazardous environments such as inside underground mines.

Apart from this, WIRELOCK® kits come with pre-measured quantities, ensuring no time is lost in measuring quantities to be mixed, as well as leaving no waste material.

wire rope lubricants

Usha Lubes Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive authorized importer & distributor for WIRELOCK® (manufactured in the UK), in India. We provide our customers with the necessary technical guidance and support for the correct use of the product based on their needs, as well as ensuring they receive timely supplies and support.

WIRELOCK® is used around the world and is approved by the following internationally recognized organizations :–
• Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
• Det Norske Veritas
• American Bureau of Shipping
• United States Coast Guard
• Registro Italiano Navale
• Germanischer Lloyd

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